My felt flower shop was born by accident, of love to beauty and crafting by hand.

The felted harebell which I gave to my mother for her birthday inspired me to make a delicate Aaron's beard, a fresh primrose and pure white rose. A nobel Calla was taken for granted and soon it was binded into a rich festive bouquet for a winter bride and an attraction on bridegroom’s jacket collar. I have became a florist.

Creating joy and visual satisfaction to people has been the sources for my inner inspiration and new ideas.

The glow of a springtime birch, soft blueness of a African violet and greyish green of a succulent plant combined with the pure whiteness of the flowers I wish to bring peace and harmony to the environment, home, workplace, summer cottage and to every space. I hope that the green color gives people strength and courage and white in turn gives faith to the future.

Indoor plants and trees particularly grow in proportion to the space.  In a large lobby of a public space a silver birch or even a whole birch wood will rise to the heights.

Easy-care felted plants flourish of course without watering, natural light, cutting and fertilization. You can take them sometimes out, shake off dust and bring them in fresh



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